What is Camp Rahh? 

Remember summer camp as a kid? It's like that, only with adults. Think capture the flag, scavenger hunts and camp fire sing-alongs. Except we take it to the next level with all the comforts you want as an adult - with curated concerts, gourmet food, and specialized classes taught by professionals from the Pacific Northwest.  Camp Rahh is a weekend to swap out your to-do lists and habitual routines for play, new friends, and incredible memories. Best part? We're technology, drugs, and alcohol free - so you don't need to worry about a hangover or any email killing the vibe.  

When is Camp Rahh? 

Our next session will be from Thursday, June 13-16th 2019 You can RSVP to the facebook event and stay up to date on all of the news by clicking HERE

When does Camp Rahh start?

Camp starts the moment you arrive to our bus pickup location Thursday June 13th at 6pm. You check in, check in your phone (leave it with us over the weekend), grab your shirt, a snack, meet your new friends and camp counselors.

When does Camp Rahh end?

Camp ends Sunday, June 16th at 3pm. Everyone will get on the bus back to Seattle at the pickup-drop off location and will arrive by 5pm.

What Airport should I fly into for Camp?

We recommend that you fly into Seattle–Tacoma International Airport. From there you can either grab a car share, taxi, bus . We recommend that you take the light rail from the airport to the University of Washington station.

Where is Camp Rahh? 

Camp Rahh takes place in WA on a 47-acre site in Samish Island, WA which boasts dense forest, expansive grasslands and private beaches that stretch along Padilla Bay.

Why is it called Camp Rahh?

Well there’s a couple reasons! For starters -  Rahh is an emphatic sound for celebration! It’s also a homonym of Raw, a word that we feel means getting back to your natural self. 

How much does it cost when I'm there? 

Nothing. Your ticket cost includes everything that you will need the weekend. We encourage all campers to leave wallets at home!

How many people will be at Camp Rahh?

150 maximum attendees, staff and counselors. 

What's the age group? 

Camp Rahh is 21+ simply because we do want it to be (a PG rated) adult experience. Whether you're 21 or 65, this is a weekend you can enjoy. We do make exceptions for campers between the ages of 18-21 but please email us prior to sign up if you are in that age group. hello@camprahh.com

Can I bring my children to camp?

Only if your children are over the age of 21. Camp Rahh is for Adults only.

Wait but really - no technology? How and Why? 

Well first off - you don't need it. When you check in for Camp, you will give us your phone and we will give it back to you when you're back in Seattle. We believe technology can often distract us from the moment we're in, and without it, you're able to more clearly focus on your surroundings, the activities, and the new people you're meeting. If you're worried about leaving your phone for a weekend, we will happily provide testimonials of folks who felt the exact same way last year and are now thankful they had an opportunity to get away from it for a weekend. Trust us! You won’t regret it!

No drugs or alcohol eh? And you still have fun?

We all can have a great night going out, but it's pretty incredible how "high" on life you feel when you're around a huge group of people that are all right there with you. Trust us when we say you really don't need it! 

So I smoke cigarettes - is that not allowed? 

While cigarettes are technically a drug, we understand that some campers are regular smokers. That being said, they are permitted once you walk off the camp premises (i.e. about 100 yards from the main dining hall). However, if we catch you smoking cigarettes on the campgrounds, we will send you home - this is the policy of the venue.   Cigarette use by any camper in a restricted area could be grounds for us to not be able to use the space again.

What about my Vape pen or JUUL? 

They must follow the same rules as cigarettes. Out of respect for other campers we do not allow vape pens on camp grounds.

If I can smoke cigarettes off the premises, can I smoke recreational cannabis? 

Please note that though recreational cannabis is legal, it's use (both on the campgrounds and off) is not permitted at all during Camp Rahh Weekend. While we have no judgement of cannabis use, it has effects that can distract people from the experience. 

I don't know anyone going and I'm new to the city...is that going to be a problem? 

Not at all - we want everyone to meet and get to know one another, you will be surprised how many people will be doing the exact same thing. Camp Rahh is a great way for you to make friends! 

What are the sleeping arrangements? 

Campers sleep on bunk beds and the cabins are split by gender. 

Can I share a bunk with my partner/wife/husband/boyfriend/etc.?

No. Cabins are separated by gender. Just like it was when you were a kid. You will have plenty of time together at camp.

What activities are available? 

Yoga, meditation, kayaking, rock climbing, art classes, dance classes, trail running, cooking classes, swimming, the list goes on and on! 

What if you don't want to participate in activities? 

That's totally fine! If you want to nap all day, great! If you want to do every activity and not sleep for more than hour each night, that's fine too! . 

What about showers and bathrooms?

Campers will share communal bathrooms and showers (private stalls). There will be some gender specific bathrooms available.

What's the food like? 

In a word? BOMB. This is not your normal "camp food”.  Our chef is Brian O'Connor has been with us for the past two years and is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. He's the former Head Chef at Skillet Diner in Seattle and current owner of Bok A Bok Chicken, one the hottest new spots in Seattle. We also have several sponsors that will provide snacks and beverages to keep you full and energized all day long. You never have to worry about being hungry. 

I have a specific diet (vegan, allergies, etc) Will I be able to eat the food?

Absolutely - whatever your dietary restriction(s), Chef Brian will prepare something for you. You just need to let us know in advance so we can prepare.

Can I bring my pet?

No. Please keep your furry friends at home. The facility does not allow any animals on the grounds.

Can I bring a camera?

Digital Cameras are prohibited. Film cameras, polaroids, disposable cameras are encouraged.

What if I have an emergency and my family or friends need to contact me?

You will have a phone number that you can give to them in case of emergency that will be on a staff member at all times. If anything happens, we can be reached and will be able to let you know immediately. 

What if there's a medical problem?

We have a nurse that is at Camp that can help with minor health issues. If something progresses or you need more extensive care or emergency care, we will help arrange that.