How To Convince Your Boss or HR


1."I'll come back recharged with the energy to contribute more to the team": There's going on vacation and then there's going on an trip the gives takes you away from distractions, gives you more focus, and ensures you know how to live a healthier life. Camp Rahh is a trip that encourages a healthy lifestyle beyond the weekend, and will have far more value to your ability to contribute than other trips you could take. 

2." I will be able to help the HR team enforce healthier habits": technology and overworked colleagues are not conducive to a healthy work environment, yet it's becoming the status quo. By attending camp, you are helping the HR team enforce a healthier work/life balance, leading by example and shifting the company culture in the right direction.  

3.." I will return a stronger asset to the organization": Camp Rahh is a great way to exercise skills that you don't often have the opportunity to do. There's no telling what nurturing your creative side in art class or learning how to horseback ride can do for your ability to problem solve in every aspect of your life. Additionally, facing challenges and accomplishing goals will give you a stronger sense of confidence when heading into the office.

4. :This is more useful, fun, and affordable than any other retreat of it's kind": do a little research, and you'll see that team leadership camps, specialized workshops or retreats that have activities similar to Camp are far less affordable for organizations and not nearly as enjoyable. With Camp Rahh, you will be getting immense value for you money and time, and will gain far different benefits than you would anywhere else.