Working at a Seattle tech startup for the past couple years, I (Brian Oh) noticed a growing problem that I - and too many of my peers- have become basically addicted to smartphones, social media, and our daily routines. Relationships have suffered, experiences have been interrupted… real life has occasionally just passed by. So I gathered four close friends to help me produce an activity-packed summer camp for adults here in the Pacific Northwest where we could escape, play & explore like when we were kids. Our goal is not to profit from this camp, but rather pull off an ambitious undertaking to change the way our community connects and build toward more Camp RAHH!'s in the future. Any donation/ticket purchase we receive will go directly toward making this an unforgettable experience-of-a-lifetime for all involved. We are a passionate team that believes in the importance of this camp, and we're so excited to get to know each and every one of you.

Founding Team: